The G.Canale & C. Group is among the most technologically advanced companies in Europe. The continuous technological renewal is validated and supported by our constant efforts to guarantee an excellent quality in both printing and service.

The G. Canale & C. Group is one of the few printers which has got the ISO Fogra accreditation on the standard ISO Fogra parametres. Through a continuous research and advanced technology, the G. Canale & C. Group guarantees its customers the reproduction of the Fogra 39 L parameters, also for web Printing.

Through the tests and measurements to determine the matching to the ISO Fogra 12647-2, which the G.Canale & C. Group has been carrying out since 2007, on various kinds of paper, ink and printing machines, the Group can now state to be in a position to reproduce all the ISO Fogra 12647-2 parametres. The ISO Fogra 12647-2 allows the correct visualization of the final result since the beginning of the process and provides all the prametres for a thorough check of the production process.

The need to rely on consolidated standards encourages all the people involved in the production process to use the same colour parametres, besides the fact that one can always visualize the final result, no matter if it is on screen , on proofs, or on printed sheet.
Besides, the ISO Fogra 12647-2. does not alter at all the existing process, but enables the users to share the same language.

This results in reducing the risk of mistakes on colour saturation, dot gain, linescreen, and incorrect interpretation of ICC profile and it enables the Group to guarantee a consistent quality.

The Quality Control of the managerial and production processes not only is guaranteed by the operators but also by the help of an integrated system which enables the monitoring at the same time on all the stages of the working process, from the estimate to despatch, no matter in which of the Group companies the production is taking place.

In the years, the Canale Group has been able to set up a close relationship with a group of companies which guarantee the same standards of quality as the Group.

G. Canale & C. S.p.A.

G. Canale & C. offers its customers the experience and the skill of a century dedicated to the printed paper and to the creation of editorial projects.

Thanks to the sheet and web printing plants of the last generation, to the paperback and hardback binding facilities and to the multimedia department for the introduction of innovative services, the G.Canale & C. Group guarantees the highest competitiveness in production and great expertise in the application of new technologies.

Two production units, one in Italy and one in Romania (Bucarest) meet the market demand of the domestic and international customers.

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