The G.Canale & C. Group is among the most modern and technologically advanced companies in Europe. All the departments are subject to continuous and important investments which aim to improve quality and scheduling.

The sheet and web printing department are equipped with completely automatic machine of the last generation: automatic plate-change, refrigerated ink distributor roller, plates reader, recording of the printing parametres, pre-inking CIP 3 and on-line automated systems to control the register and colors.

G. Canale & C. S.p.A.

G. Canale & C. offers its customers the experience and the skill of a century dedicated to the printed paper and to the creation of editorial projects.

Thanks to the sheet and web printing plants of the last generation, to the paperback and hardback binding facilities and to the multimedia department for the introduction of innovative services, the G.Canale & C. Group guarantees the highest competitiveness in production and great expertise in the application of new technologies.

Two production units, one in Italy and one in Romania (Bucarest) meet the market demand of the domestic and international customers.

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